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The “Who’s This We?” Experiment was inspired by the dramatic ups and downs of being working  musicians. Founding members come from the Detroit/Ann Arbor area, and have legacy of surviving the Motor City’s music scene, “Who’s This We?” has traveled to all corners of the world  from North America to Japan performing on the stages of dives to arenas. 
Members of “Who’s This We?” have had songs placed in major movies and TV shows including: "Cold Case" (CBS) "Reunion" (FOX) "Hack" (CBS) and recently "Hung" on (HBO) and “Shameless” on (Showtime) also movies such as "Stranger by Night",  "Animal  Instincts" and  “The Fighter”. With roots from Heavy rock to glistening alternative, the “Who’s This We?” dynamic method of songwriting creates extreme melodic mood swings between these musical styles.
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